The TPREG Training Concept  - as well as the AMATT one - has been developed in the framework of approaches and actions based on strong synergies and cooperations among private and public bodies, along the recommendations of the European Commission, the Council of Europe Convention through the process activated by the Convention on Manipulation of Sport Competitions, the UNESCO Kazan Action Plan Action Line III on Sport Integrity, the UNCAC Resolutions on Sport and Corruption 7/8 2017 and 73/190 2018 PP 22-23, the UNODC specialized tools, the IPACS/OECD multistakeholder platform.

The preparatory background of the program includes:

The underlying rationale of the training intervention is that effectiveness in developing specialized know-how and deploying effective policies can take place only in a multi-stakeholder environment and through private-public approaches.

Below you find a very orientative selection of training activities implemented in the field of preventing and countering match-fixing in Europe indicatively in the last five years:

At national level federations, leagues and sport clubs have been implementing a wide range of information and training courses.

  • In Italy this practice has played an initial triggering role: